Thursday, August 16, 2007

Side Two is Complete

Side Two of the Awareness Quilt is now complete. This will also serve as the backing for the quilt. It features those children who are no longer alive and are the CPS "FAILURES", also known as those children who were " Protected to Death".

What a DISGRACE and atrocity for the very Government Agency who was designed to protect these children to be "guilty" of such deaths of literally thousands of INNOCENT CHILDREN~!!! They were supposed to be "protected" from the harm and danger that took their lives at such young and innocent ages. ALL of these children were "supposed" to be under the watchful eye of CPS. It speaks for itself. Where "was" their protection???

There are 652 children represented on this side of the quilt. Each block is unique and different in the colors that outlines them. This was done to signify the "uniqueness" of EACH child. There are no two blocks alike just as there are no two children alike. They were individuals although young.


The Awareness Quilt is now complete with a total of 975 names and photos. They are ALL "VICTIMS", whether at the hands of CPS, corrupt family courts, or both. Take a look at the representation of "innocence". HOW can you not be affected by it? If you are GUILTY of perpetrating deeds that contributed to them becoming "VICTIMS", go take a long hard look in the mirror at the "person" you have become. I can only hope and pray that you will make whatever changes in who you have become, that you may need to make, so that the "victimizing" of our children will STOP.

PLEASE do NOT ABUSE our children. Each and every one of them is precious~!!! They ARE our leaders of tomorrow. Let them grow up to become everything good and productive that they possibly can.

Remember, "damaged" merchandise can NEVER be repaired to be what it was "before". When you abuse a child, regardless if it's emotional, mental, physical, sexual, or any other way, you are "damaging" the child in such a way that the child may never recover.

Will "YOU" help STOP the ABUSE???

This AWARENESS QUILT will be on Display at the Washington DC Rally for Family Rights on August 18, 2007. Be sure to come by and see it in person.

***For those who will not be able to attend the Rally, there will be photos available for order after the Rally.

Created With MUCH LOVE and DEVOTION to our Children,

Gail Head
Paradise, TX

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Side One is complete

The Awareness Quilt is now one big step closer to making its debut' at the Washington DC Rally on Aug. 18, 2007. Side one is now complete. It contains 323 squares, each of which contains one child who has been victimized by Corruption in our Government but who also stands in representation for thousands of others just like them. Some "victimized" by Child Protective Services (CPS) and some by very corrupt Family Courts. It really matters not by which of these entities the blame lies for each of these children, they are INNOCENT and have taken the brunt for it all. True, parents, grandparents, sibblings, and the extended family all suffer, but the children pay the greatest price. Their homes will NEVER be the same, they lose family members they have bonds with, they lose their identities as who they really are and where they came from. IS THAT even remotely "fair" to them. I should think not~!!! They feel the stress of it all and many times they don't even know why nor what is going on. They have worries about their days and futures ahead that they have no control over. They did NOT deserve what has been bestowed on them as a result of this corruption and at the hands of the CPS Social and Case Workers nor the Judges and Attorneys, the "players" of the Corrupt Family Courts.

May the children represented by this quilt serve as a reminder of the Guilt and Shame that those who have perpetrated their ABUSE and displaced justiced upon them must wear. Social Workers, Case Workers, Judges, Attorneys, Fathers and Mothers, it is TIME to put your own agendas and wants on the "back burners" and concentrate on what the children NEED. This is about Children growing up and being with their Families so long as their is NO proven risk and threat of harm or danger to them and should NEVER EVER be about MONEY-POWER-or CONTROL from anyone involved in the children's lives~!!!

It is our hope that after seeing the "thousands" of children represented here, those persons who have been GUILTY of ABUSING a child, whether Government employee or a parent, from this day forward, visions in their memories of what they have seen here in this quilt, will race through the minds of every single one and serve as a reminder to keep the child at the fore-front of whatever they do and STOP the abuse of our children, serve and protect the children and their families in the manner they are both morally and legally obligated to do.

Please take the time to visit the DC Rally on August 18 and view this Awareness Quilt for yourself. You will not be able to walk away without being touched by it, unless you have no conscious at all.

"Walk a mile in the child's shoes first, before you act and do your deeds, then ASK yourself if you would want them done to you and then do accordingly."

Gail Head
Creator of the Awareness Quilt, 2007.

***Individual names of the children will not be published to protect the innocent.***
Our apology that we cannot post photos depicting individual children for 2 reasons.
1. Their identity protection, safety, and security.
2. No one child is more important than the other and we will NOT discriminate against any
child represented in this quilt. It would be just entirely too time consuming at the
present to photograph individual squares and post them. Our apology, but time
constraints will just not permit. We will make close-up photos available to the families
of these children after the Rally. Information on how to obtain them will be posted when
they are available.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It is now, almost time for the Washington DC Rally on August 18, 2007, the appointed date that this quilt will make it's debut at the Lincoln Memorial. What an event this is going to be!

This quilt has taken more days and hours than I can count to make, but I don't regret a single minute that I have given to it. It has been both heart-breaking and yet rewarding as I have made the squares containing the information for each child that is represented. The heartbreak that these children, and those they stand in representation for that are not specifically named in it, are ALL "innocent victims" and had absolutely NO say in what has happened to them.

This quilt has been constructed to bring attention to these innocent children in hope that the citizens, parents, teachers, public officials both elected and appointed, and even our country's visitors, will realize that this is an atrocity and take a stand against the acts, deeds, and those who are the abusers of these children to STOP them before any more of these precious gifts of our lives become yet even more victims.

This quilt has two sides. Not a front and a "back" as is common with a quilt. Neither side with more significance than the other. One side, perhaps maybe a little more important at the moment for the fact that these children, at least most of them, are still alive and ARE our leaders of tomorrow, but one no more precious than the other. The other side contains children that will not be afforded the same opportunities, as they were "Protected to Death".

The side of the quilt that features the children who are still alive and are our future leaders are victims beyond words. They have been preyed upon and abused by an agency established by the very government of this nation that was "supposed" to protect them from harm and provide assistance to those that needed it. That government agency is none other than Child Protective Services, a.k.a. CPS, regardless of the particular name by which they call themselves in their respective states. They have become an "out of control" and all too powerful government entity that has NOW become the real true abusers of the children, their parents, and their families. For what and why? The government funding they can claim and bring into their agencies and their State's general operating funds. The agency has become very corrupt and money driven. It has truly lost sight of it's intended purpose and the very reason it was established. Sadly, every child now wears a $price tag$ on their head.

These same children are also victims of our Family Courts that are now so filled with corruption that there is NO justice for them nor their families being served. They only support what the CPS agency wants to have happen with the child. It's no longer a matter of what is truly best for the child, but rather what is best for the agency and the government. This only serves to further victimize the child. The Judges and District/County Attorneys who are running the Family Court rooms are not abiding by the laws of their respective states nor those by which this nation is governed by. They do not uphold our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights nor are parents even granted Due Process of Law. The judgements rendered are not made with what is best for the child at the forefront, but rather what is best for the CPS agency and state financially, or according to which parent has the largest bank account or most political power thus ultimately destroying parent-child relationships by pitting one parent against the other without regard for those bonds and relationships that the child needs to grow and mature into a productive and contributing member of society.

The children who are represented and have been "Protected to Death" are those who have paid the highest and greatest price of all -- their LIFE. These children are the FAILURES by those who were "supposed" to protect them. These children died "UN-necessarily" and their deaths COULD HAVE been prevented IF those who were "supposed" to have been protecting them from harm had been vigilant and responsible as was their "duty" to have been. Instead, these children were "brushed aside and ignored" so that the focus of attention could be placed on seeking other and more massive numbers of children in which to seek custody of and remove from their families and homes, and most of which were needlessly removed and did not need protection from their families. "ERR on the side of caution" At whose expense???

The CPS agencies have truly lost sight of what their goals "should be" and have instead become with clouded vision as to what their duties and obligations to our children really are. Children are removed from their homes and parents every day and are placed in far more dangerous and abusive situations and environments than they were in and then, they are ultimately left without the viligant watchful eye of "protection", or, those that should have been removed to truly protect them from their harmful situations are left to fall victims paying the ultimate price with their lives. How many more of our children must pay this price before we say "STOP Protecting Them to Death" and do the jobs you took your oathes to do.

The Family Court Judges must also wear the blood of these "Protected to Death" children. They without a second thought or reservation and without ordering or mandating that the situations that truly put these children at risk be thoroughly investigated by Law Enforcement and those with the training and expertise to do so, FAILED these children as well, often having been advised by parents and or other observers that these same children were being abused and stood at risk of harm, but cared not because that "warning" relayed to them didn't come from the CPS agency.

I ask, "Should these judges and CPS Agency Social/Case Workers be charged and prosecuted with "Failure to Protect" mandating penalties akin to manslaughter when guilty of this? Parents face these charges, whether guilty or not, many times over every day, levied against them by these same Family Court Judges and CPS when there truly was no "failure to protect" and the child has not even been truly harmed. Where IS the justice? Who is truly responsible for the ultimate price these children have paid?

The purpose of this quilt is to bring AWARENESS to what is and has been happening to our children. Only when we ALL become truly aware of the plight of our children, can we act upon that and take the steps necessary to insure changes that will alleviate this pain and suffering so that there will be no more VICTIMS and FAILURES with the ultimate sacrifices of their lives.

Please accept this as my personal invitation to you to join us at this Washington DC Rally on Saturday, August 18, 2007, for the debut of this "quilt", the first ever of its kind, as it is put on display for the world to see and bring "home" to every individual who views it, the reality of what is happening to our children.

There will be more detailed information about this quilt available at the rally as well as opportunities to order photos and even make your photo made this quilt.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


SPECIFICATIONS: If you wish to make the squares youself, there should be ONE 5-inch x 5-inch square for EACH child. The fabric may be new or used and taken from old clothes, sheets, baby blankets, or even purchased new at a local store where fabrics are sold. If you wish to cut the squares from something that your child/ren used or wore, that will be fine. We ask that you please put EACH child's first name or initial and last name, date of birth or age, State case is/was in (town NOT needed), date they became victims of Family Court Corruption, or were STOLEN by CPS and placed in Foster or Kinship care, Date they returned home/aged out of system/SOLD into adoption or indicate if still in out of home care, or whatever applies, on the square that is representative of them. You may hand-write the information on the square with a permanent magic marker or ink pen, embroider it, use fabric paints, or even scan a picture on the computer, print it out, and transfer it to the squares. You are also welcome to cut the squares a little larger then 5-inches by 5 inches --- I will trim them down when I start to use them.If you wish to just submit your child's information for inclusion in this quilt, all you need to do is send (mail or email) the above information for the child and they WILL be included in the quiltIf you wish to have the child's photo included in the quilt, the cost for the photo square is $ 3.00, which is to cover my cost of materials for making this. It is NOT a money-making scheme. Examples of these squares are visible in the posted photos of this quilt. You may mail the photo you wish to have used, or email the photo. Please mail your payment for the photo squares to the address given below.We want these squares to be "personal" for your child so that when seen, people will realized that these are and were REAL children who have been victimized by Government Corruption in Family Courts and or Child Protective Services Agencies. I will post and make photos of this quilt available throughout the construction of it.This QUILT will make its DEBUT in Washington DC on August 18, 2007, at the national Rally being held there to bring attention to the plight of our families and our children. It will also be displayed wherever there are other rallies, conventions, or affairs in which it has the chance to raise awareness about what is going on and happening to our children and make it known to our elected Public Officials that WE WANT CHANGE and PROTECTION for our families. To participate in this project, Please send the squares representative of your child/ren to, or email the information to ghead@wccs.netQuilt Projectc/o Gail HeadPO Box 392Paradise, TX 76073WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT~!!! DO IT for the love of your child/ren. Sincerely,Gail Head


About the Washington DC Rally - AUGUST 18, 2007Washington DCRally - AUGUST 18, 2007 We are individuals, organizations and churches united nationwide. We represent varied cultures, religions and ethnicities. We meet in Washington DC, to peacefully exercise our first amendment right to assemble and to respectfully petition our government for a redress of grievances. Our grievances relate to governmental interference with and, the destruction of, our nation's family structure. DCRally 2007 will take place at the historic site of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. DCRally 2007 commemorates the 44th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. DCRally 2007 is the extension of the Civil Rights Movement. DCRally 2007 addresses the state’s failure to recognize and protect our Fundamental Rights. It’s time for our Federal Congress to recognize and protect our Fundamental Rights. DCRally 2007 is coming to Washington DC because our government condones the stealing of children from their homes and selling them in the adoption market. Our government has opened the door for illegal step-parent adoptions...which is breaking the hearts of America's children of divorce. DCRally 2007 is coming to Washington DC because government is profiting from the destructive methods used in child support collection and its refusal to entertain Shared parenting because it is profiting from child support collection procedures. Government is turning parents into felons making it impossible to gain employment. DCRally 2007 is coming to Washington DC because governmental agencies are profiting from destroying households, families and relationships. Government is allowing the medicating of our children senselessly without regard for long term effects. They are making test subjects of our children for profit. We are coming to Washington DC because government has taken our right to discipline our children out of the household and given social workers the ability to destroy families through falsification of documentation, stealing children and punishing parents. We are coming to Washington DC because when paternity fraud takes place, government continues to collect child support from parents with no biological connection and refuses to spend resources on locating the correct parent simply because it is profitable. Everyone wins except the family These are God given Fundamental Rights, Guaranteed by the United States Constitution yet violated by each state based on its greed to collect monetary incentives through its callous treatment of human beings. Our goal is to raise the funds and provide transportation for every American whose family has been destroyed. Start involvement in your area because: WE MUST COME TOGETHER “GOVERNMENT HAS COME INTO OUR HOUSEHOLDS AND WE WANT THEM OUT”


Family Preservation and Reconciliation Act of 2007
2nd Session
To protect the fundamental right of a parent to the care and custody of a child and to direct the
upbringing of a child, and for other purposes.
To protect the fundamental right of a parent to the care and custody of a child and to direct the
upbringing of a child, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled,
This Act may be cited as the `Family Preservation and Reconciliation Act of 2007'.
(a) FINDINGS- Congress finds that--
(1) the Supreme Court has regarded the right of parents to direct the upbringing of
their children as a fundamental right implicit in the concept of ordered liberty within
the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, as specified in Meyer v. Nebraska,
262 U.S. 390 (1923) and Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 (1925); the right
of parents to the care and custody of their children has been recognized as "a
fundamental right protected by the First, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments" in
Doe v. Irwin, 441 F. Supp. 1247 1251 (D. Mich. 1977), as "far more precious than
property rights" and by the Supreme Court as an "essential" right that protects a
substantial interest that "undeniably warrants deference, and, absent a powerful
countervailing interest, protection," in May v. Anderson, 345 U.S. 528, 533 (1953),
Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399 (1923), and Stanley v. Illinois, 405 U.S. 645
(1971); and the Supreme Court has held in Troxel v. Granville, 530 US 2000 (99-
138), that "the liberty interest at issue . . . the interest of parents in the care, custody,
and control of their children – is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty
interests recognized by this Court. . . . [I]t cannot now be doubted that the Due
Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of
parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children."
(2) this right has been acknowledged for centuries by the common law, and by the
tradition of western civilization, which recognizes that parents have the responsibility
to love, nurture, train, and protect their children;
(3) the role of parents in the raising and rearing of their children is of inestimable
value and deserving of both praise and protection by all levels of government;
(4) some decisions of Federal and State courts have treated the right of parents not as
a fundamental right but as a non-fundamental right, resulting in an improper standard
of judicial review being applied to government conduct that adversely affects parental
rights and prerogatives;
(5) parents face increasing intrusions into their legitimate decisions and prerogatives
by government agencies in situations that do not involve traditional understandings of
abuse or neglect but simply are a conflict of parenting philosophies;
(6) governments should not interfere in the decisions and actions of parents without
compelling justification; and
(7) the traditional 4-step process used by courts to evaluate cases concerning the right
of parents described in paragraph (1) appropriately balances the interests of parents,
children, and government; and
(8) the in-tact family is a cornerstone for our society and children are best raised in
an in-tact family; and
(9) Congress recognizes the benefits of marriage for men, women, children and
society as a whole and has expressed its intent for marriage through legislative
incentives and programs involving the use of federal funds promoting marriage and
the family; and
(10 ) state government intrusion into the family, absent compelling justification thus
establishing an empowered custodial parent and disenfranchised non-custodial parent
is an incentive for divorce and inconsistent with Congress’ intent.
(b) PURPOSES- The purposes of this Act are--
(1) to protect the right of parents to the care and custody of their children and to direct
the upbringing of their children as a fundamental right;
(2) to protect children from abuse and neglect as the terms have been traditionally
defined and applied in State law, such protection being a compelling government
(3) while protecting the rights of parents, to acknowledge that the rights involve
responsibilities and specifically that parents have the responsibility to see that their
children are educated, for the purposes of literacy and self-sufficiency, as specified by
the Supreme Court in Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972);
(4) to preserve the common law tradition that allows parental choices to prevail in a
health care decision for a child unless, by neglect or refusal, the parental decision will
result in danger to the life of the child or result in serious physical injury to the child;
(5) to fix a standard of judicial review for parental rights, leaving to the courts the
application of the rights in particular cases based on the facts of the cases and law as
applied to the facts; and
(6) to reestablish a 4-step process to evaluate cases concerning the right of parents
described in paragraph (1) that--
(A) requires a parent to initially demonstrate that--
(i) the action in question arises from the right of the parent to direct the
upbringing of a child; and
(ii) a government has interfered with or usurped the right; and
(B) shifts the burdens of production and persuasion to the government to
demonstrate that--
(i) the interference or usurpation is essential to accomplish a
compelling governmental interest; and
(ii) the method of intervention or usurpation used by the government is
the least restrictive means of accomplishing the compelling interest.
(7) To preserve the institution of marriage and maintain familial ties.
As used in this Act:
(1) APPROPRIATE EVIDENCE- The term `appropriate evidence' means--
(A) for a case in which a government seeks a temporary or preliminary action
or order, except a case in which the government seeks to terminate parental
custody or visitation, evidence that demonstrates probable cause; and
(B) for a case in which a government seeks a final action or order, or in which
the government seeks to terminate or restrict parental custody or visitation,
clear and convincing evidence.
(2) CHILD- The term `child' has the meaning provided by State law.
(3) PARENT- The term `parent' has the meaning provided by State law.
(A) IN GENERAL- The term `right of a parent to direct the upbringing of a
child' includes, but is not limited to a right of a parent regarding--
(i) directing or providing for the education of the child;
(ii) making a health care decision for the child, except as provided in
subparagraph (B);
(iii) disciplining the child, including reasonable corporal discipline,
except as provided in subparagraph (C);
(iv) directing or providing for the religious teaching of the child; and
(v) inculcating moral and ethical principles.
CARE- The term `right of a parent to direct the upbringing of a child' shall not
include a right of a parent to make a decision on health care for the child that,
by neglect or refusal, will result in danger to the life of the child or in serious
physical injury to the child.
parent to direct the upbringing of a child' shall not include a right of a parent
to act or refrain from acting in a manner that constitutes abuse or neglect of a
child, as the terms have traditionally been defined and applied in State
criminal law.
(1) No Federal, State, or local government, or any official of such a government acting under
color of law, or any other party, shall interfere with or usurp the right of a parent to the care
and custody of the child of the parent or to direct the upbringing of the child of the parent,
and that in accordance with long established legal doctrines presuming (a) that each parent is
fit and (b) that fit parents are presumed to act in their child[ren]’s best interest; no removal of
a child from the care of any fit parent absent a finding of parental unfitness by clear and
convincing evidence may be effected; unless
(2) that parent has been criminally charged and convicted for the abuse or neglect of that child
as defined and applied in State criminal law; or
(3) removal of the child is necessary due to danger of imminent or substantial harm to the child.
(4) It is the specific finding and intent of this bill that public policy is furthered, and a that
child[ren]’s best interest is served, by maximizing the amount of time a child[ren] spend with
each parent in the event the parents divorce, separate or are never married.
No exception to section 4 shall be permitted, unless the government or official is able to
demonstrate, by clear and convincing evidence, that the interference or usurpation is essential
to accomplish a compelling governmental interest and is narrowly drawn or applied in a
manner that is the least restrictive means of accomplishing the compelling interest.
Any parent may raise a violation of this Act in an action in a Federal or State court, or before
an administrative tribunal, of appropriate jurisdiction as a claim or a defense.
Subsections (b) and (c) of section 722 of the Revised Statutes (42 U.S.C. 1988 (b) and (c))
(concerning the award of attorney's and expert fees) shall apply to cases brought or defended
under this Act. A person who uses this Act to defend against a suit by a government
described in section 4 shall be construed to be the plaintiff for the purposes of the application
of such subsections.
If any provision of this Act or of an amendment made by this Act, or any application of such
provision to any person or circumstance, is held to be unconstitutional, the remainder of this
Act, the amendments made by this Act, and the application of the provision to any other
person or circumstance shall not be affected.